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Tesla Model S Paint Protection

Without a doubt, taking care of your valuable asset isn’t just smart, it’s essential. If you want to ensure your Tesla vehicle will stay in top shape for years to come, trust it with us. Every Tesla car that comes into our shop shares the commitment you have for it – we know firsthand how important it is for you to take care of what’s precious to you.

As part of our Tesla paint protection, we’ll protect your ride from stone chips and scratches with our Paint Protection Film. It doesn’t matter where you go or what road conditions are like, because no matter the circumstance, your car is protected by small scratches that heal on their own.


Benefits of using Paint Protection Film on your Tesla Model S

Increase your Tesla Model S resale value
Avoid damage to your Tesla Model S whilst it is parked outside exposed to the elements.
Highway driving or careless Melbourne motorists can cause damage.
Protection from scratches caused on or when visiting job sites

Our paint protection installation process delivers a seamless solution that is customised to the specific needs of your Tesla Model S. We do this while still ensuring the highest level of defence against scratches and other damage. Other PPF installers use templates, which results in hard edges.


Tesla Model S Ceramic Coating

If you want to provide the best protection inside and out, it’s important to invest in high-quality products. You can count on our latest gtechniq ceramic coating to put your Tesla Model S at the top of its game. It provides a thorough clean and lasts for weeks, so your car always looks as good as new.

The paint on your car is a central part of the aesthetic – and if it’s not properly taken care of, you can start to notice scratches, chips, and cracks. With our Tesla Model S new car protection packages, you won’t have to worry about this ever happening – guaranteed. Our high-grade ceramic coating option will keep your finish protected for longer and make your car look like new.

Note: This layer works just like a clear sealant or wax but will stay intact for a longer period, keeping your Tesla Model S shiny for longer.


Tesla Model S New Car Protection Packages

Taking the right steps to protect both the interior and exterior of your Tesla Model S is essential before you take it on the road. While reducing future maintenance costs, you can maintain a strikingly visual ride for years to come.

The best option for safeguarding your car from damage is the Tesla Model S new car protection package. Using a high-grade ceramic coating, our experts will prevent rust and corrosion while providing total coverage at all times. Liquid R provides maximum protection, as well as a glossy finish that’ll last throughout all seasons.

Book your vehicle in with the specialists at Liquid R now; we will have you on the road protected in no time, with the full peace of mind that your new drive is thoroughly protected for Australian conditions.

Why Ceramic Coat Your Model S?

What Are The Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your Model S?

Ceramic coating benefits include acting as a barrier to help your vehicle maintain its new appearance. Though regular washing and cleaning isn’t quite enough, coatings will keep the exteriors fading over time.

Some of the other benefits include:
Reduces UV damage;
Stays cleaner for longer;
Acts as a defence for wheels, trim and glass;
Chemical resistance;
Offers stain resistance; and
Adds gloss

High-quality paint jobs deserve the best protection, and that’s just what the ceramic coating provides. The glossy, deep polish will ensure your paint always looks like new, while protecting it from harsh Australian summers and stopping the exterior from looking dull.

Customise Your Tesla Model S

Customise Your Tesla Model S With Car Wraps Designed For Melbourne Drivers

The best and most cost-effective way to give your asset a fresh coat of paint or a custom look is not through the use of paint at all, but rather wraps that make them look brand-new again.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast looking for ways to make your Tesla Model S stand out, a business that wants to draw attention with a customised exterior wrap, or anything in between, Liquid R can help you achieve your goals. We offer custom creations and versatility across our range of options, so you’ll have plenty of choices for the perfect personalised appearance for your specific needs. Plus, a Tesla Model S wrap costs much less than starting from scratch and provides many benefits that buying a new car wouldn’t offer. However, we always recommend consulting experts for this solution due to any potential errors which could lead to shrinkage, tears, and an uneven finish. If you want your Tesla to stand out from the crowds and be noticed, contact the wrap specialist at Liquid R today.

Where to take my Tesla S for paint protection?

Liquid R – The Best Choice for Tesla S Paint Protection in Melbourne

We protect all the Tesla models Model X, Model S,  Model Y and Tesla Model 3. All are cutting edge in design and technology, you can be sure that we will help you maintain it by using our solutions. With our long history of delivering excellent service, we are undoubtedly passionate about using the best techniques to create high-quality finishes.

Melbourne has no better place to visit than Liquid R when wanting the best packages or Tesla S paint protection, tesla ceramic coating and most up-to-date methods in detailing. Our aim isn’t to get many automobiles through the door but rather spend quality time providing the best service.

Which Protection Is Best For My Model S?

Paint Protection Coating vs Paint Protection Film For My Model S?

Your paint is protected by Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF. This article will introduce you to what PPF does and how it can help your Tesla Model S.

Under the protective film, the original paint of your Tesla is protected
Self healing of minor damage
A strong and durable material that withstands Melbourne’s weather
If damaged, it can be replaced at any time, quick and easy.

We don’t use low quality films that discolor and turn yellow or orange over time. Instead, we always use high quality films which help your floors to shine.

Ceramic Coatings are designed to;

Increase the shine of your Tesla Model S
Create hydrophobic effect
It’s easier to “buff out” small damages
Enhance UV protection to help eliminate fade
The product DOES NOT – stop stone chips or stop anything that causes gouges or scrapes in the surface.

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