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Tesla Paint Protection Services

Paint Protection will extend the life of your new Tesla paint. Maintain its resale value, save you money on repairs and maintenance. At Liquid R. Paint Protection Packages include Tesla Ceramic Coating, Tesla PPF and Tesla Window Tint.

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Pristine Tesla Paint Protection Packages For Melbourne

Tesla Paint Protection is important for Tesla drivers. Tesla is well known for its thin paint and clear coating.

Thankfully, our team understands the need for protecting the modern vehicle. So we offer full coverage and robust solutions. Like ceramic coatings for Tesla cars, and paint protection film available to all our Melbourne customers.

With our Tesla paint protection in Melbourne. You can enhance the appearance of your Tesla new or used. Along with providing long-lasting protection against Melbourne’s weather and road conditions. Our paint protection services offer convenience and ease of maintenance. So you can enjoy your vehicle more.

Tesla Paint Protection You Can Trust

We know how important it is to maintain the pristine condition of your Tesla. Our paint protection detailers only use the highest quality materials and techniques.

Protecting soft paint of your vehicle from potential damage. Providing top-notch paint protection for all Tesla models, including enhancing the gloss and shine of the car’s paintwork, is our specialty.

To ensure your paint protection lasts at least 5+ years. Liquid R offers a selection of customised new car protection packages.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Book In Now! Protect your Tesla with a Liquid R Tesla Ceramic Coating Package.  Contact the team at Liquid R and protect your new cars paint with our industry best coating warranty.

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Liquid R Tesla Ceramic Coating Melbourne

New Tesla Paint Protection PACK Essential

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1.Exterior Chemical/Mechanical Decontamination

√ Pre-wash foam
√ Wheels, tyres and arches wash
√ Pressure wash
√ Two bucket method contact wash
√ Iron removing
√ Tar removing
√ Clay decontamination treatment
√ Rinse, towel/blow dry

2. * Machine Polish-Gloss Enhancement

√ Refining paint work after decontamination
√ Improving paint surface defects (does not thin out paint)
√ Creating a deeper shine

3. Ceramic Coating – Crystal Serum Light

√ Air blower removing polishing dust
√ Surface panel wipe removing leftover polish/compound
√ Visual inspection under detailing lights
√ ** Exterior ceramic coating (Default coating – Crystal Serum Light)

*Customer may choose to do a different paint correction level

From $990

Liquid R Tesla Paint Protection Film

Tesla Paint Protection Film Packages

Full Tesla Front End PPF Package
From $2500 Includes: Tesla Front Bar - Full Bonnet - Full Front Fender
  • This is the most popular Tesla paint protection package in Melbourne and will protect the vulnerable areas of your car from road debris rock chips insects and other environmental hazards. The front bar will get complete coverage and the full bonnet surface will get wrapped. Fenders are also covered to prevent any damage from flying rocks or pebbles kicked up by other vehicles on the road.
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Tesla Full Car PPF Package
From $6500 Includes: - All Tesla Exterior Paint Area Excluding Roof
  • Designed to protect your Tesla's paint from all types of unwanted damage this premium package covers all exterior paint areas excluding the roof. This means that the front bumper-bonnet- fenders-doors-quarter panels and rear bumper will be wrapped with our high-quality paint protection films.
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Tesla Window Tinting

Book In Now! Protect your Tesla with a Liquid R Tesla Window Tinting Package.  Contact the team at Liquid R and protect your new cars interior with 3M Window Tints.

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Invisible Tesla PPF Paint Protection Films

Our paint protection film Tesla car wrap will protect your car against stone chips and scratches. Re-painting a damaged Tesla is expensive, and repairs also reduce the resale value. Your mind will be at ease when you travel with self-healing clear paint protection film..

Our Tesla film is designed to shield your car from chips, scratches, and other forms of physical damage. These paint protection films provide a protective layer on top of Tesla’s paint. Shielding it from chips, scratches, and other forms of physical damage without altering its appearance or colour.

With self-healing properties any minor scratches or swirls will disappear with a little heat exposure. Not only does our PPF prevent minor physical damage, it’s known for providing UV protection. This means that your car’s paint will be safe from fading and discoloration.

The film is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for busy Tesla owners. Its invisible nature, means you won’t even notice the film is there.

Don’t wait until your beloved Tesla gets damaged before considering protection. Invest in our virtually invisible, protection today and enjoy peace of mind while driving.

Ceramic Coating Tesla For High Gloss

Applying tesla ceramic coatings as an additional layer of protection against UV rays, chemicals, and environmental contaminants. Is the best preventative solution for your new car.

This advanced technology creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels water and keeps your car looking glossy and new for longer. Unlike traditional wax or sealant, which can wear off within weeks. This ceramic coating can last for years with proper washing maintenance.

It also helps to prevent swirl marks and minor scratches from damaging your car’s exterior. The glossy finish gives your car a sleek and shiny look that will turn heads on the road. Investing in ceramic coating is not just about aesthetics. It’s also about protecting one of your most significant investments.

When it comes to your prized possession. Trust us to give your Tesla the care and attention it deserves.

Tesla New Car Protection Package Options

Before you take your brand new Tesla on the road. Make sure to invest in one of these car paint protection packages. For peace of mind and long-term protection. By protecting the car’s paint, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or damage. You can enjoy a strikingly visual ride for years. While reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.

Investing in a paint protection package for your Tesla. Is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about protecting your investment.

When it comes to car paint protection, there are a few options at Liquid R to choose from.

Most common of these is a paint protection film Tesla fitment. This product is designed to stop minor scratches, dents and other damage. That may occur while they’re in use.

Window tinting tesla with 3M window tint can help reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the car. Making it a less attractive target for thieves.

Interior & Exterior ceramic and ppf protection is also an important part of the equation. This includes coating the exposed interior for prolonged protection.

Products like ceramic coatings are also used on the wheels. Which helps to resist corrosion and other damage.

Tesla drivers who are looking for comprehensive paint protection. Should consider all these options together in one or our tesla paint protection packages.

Premium Tesla Window Tinting

Get Tesla window tint with high heat rejection. For extreme weather conditions and the ultimate interior protection.

In Australia, our tesla window tint options are limited to the darkest legal tint. Which allows at least 35% luminous transmittance. Our 3M window tinting goes beyond UV reduction by 99%. To also decrease heat penetration through the glass by 96%, even with the darkest legal ceramic window tint used.

High quality car tints with excellent heat rejection capabilities provide so many benefits. It is no wonder people are opting to upgrade there Tesla’s look.

Tesla Specialist Car Detailing

It’s essential to invest in the best possible products and protection when it comes to car detailing your Tesla and protecting your interior. Liquid R uses high-quality car care cleaners and agents. That are developed for vehicles like yours. Designed to meet stringent Tesla needs and careful attention-to-detail.

Our ceramic paint coating for Tesla vehicles. Ensures vehicles look as-good-as-new, looking the part for weeks to come. Our ceramic or graphene coating is a revolutionary addition to the world of Tesla detailing, offering enhanced protection and durability.

Use only premium cleaning and maintenance products designed for Tesla paint. Using our gentle, yet effective cleaners. Any spills or stains will be removed without damaging the material in any way. In addition to our top-of-the-line products.

We have experienced technicians who are trained to take perfect care of every inch of your electric vehicle.

Tesla Protection FAQ

What You Must Know About Protecting Your Tesla Paint

How to Keep your Tesla Immaculate?

How To Protect Tesla Paint?

Despite the abundance of sealants and waxes available on the market, only our ceramic coatings Tesla car protection packages provide the ultimate protection. Our ceramic car coating features a high-grade ceramic coating, our experienced applicators will keep your surface in shape longer, ensuring a shiny, glossy finish at all times. Made from a liquid polymer that needs to be manually applied by professionals with a steady hand. Here we deliver total coverage and maximum protection when your vehicle needs it most throughout all the seasons.

Note: This layer works just like a clear coat of sealant or wax but will stay intact for a longer period, keeping your Tesla shiny for longer.

Tesla Exclusive Car Paint Protection

Tesla Designed Car Paint Protection Solution

The interior and exterior of your Tesla model should be protected before taking it out on the road for the first time. Protective properties will ensure a stunningly visual ride for years to come and reduce future maintenance costs. We want to cover your Tesla model with the highest level of quality and care. Our paint protection packages offer the best in class technology and products to keep your vehicle looking like new for everyday driving. We have everything you need to safeguard your investment for long lasting protection. Tesla owners, don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in proper protection for your Tesla Model today. Contact us today to learn more about Tesla paint protection packages.

Do Tesla's Need Paint Protection?

Why is Tesla Paint So Bad ?

Tesla’s paint has been a constant cause for concern among Australian buyers, and for good reason. One of the main factors contributing to Tesla’s subpar paint performance in Australia is its thickness. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and range, Tesla has opted for a thinner top coat of paint on their cars. Paint protection is crucial in these situations to prevent damage and maintain the appearance of the car.

Why You Should Ceramic Coat your Tesla?

Why Ceramic Coat Your Tesla?

Applying defensive coats to your Tesla has one primary purpose, to act as a barrier to help it maintain its new appearance. We know that regular washing and cleaning isn’t quite enough and that exteriors fade over time.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Reduces UV damage
  • Stays cleaner for longer
  • Acts as a defence for wheels, trim and glass
  • Chemical resistance
  • Offers stain resistance and Adds gloss
  • Increase your Tesla resale value
  • Avoid damage to your Tesla whilst it is parked outside exposed to the elements
  • Damage due to highway driving or careless Melbourne drivers in general

You will particularly appreciate the glossy and in-depth polish of the Tesla ceramic coating, which brings out the best in the original paint job. Along with keeping it safe from the harmful Australian sun, there is less fading and stops the exterior from looking dull, especially if you park outside.

The Best Way To Keep A Tesla Protected On The Road

Guaranteed PPF Tesla Protection

When it comes to protecting your Tesla, one of the most popular choices is Paint Protection Film (PPF). This clear film follows the Tesla bodylines seamlessly and acts as a barrier between your car’s paint and any potential damage from road debris or environmental elements.

The most meticulous car owners choose our paint protection film package, a clear film known as Paint Protection Film.

  • Under the protective film, the original paint is protected
  • Self healing
  • A strong and durable material
  • If damaged, it can be replaced at any time.

While paint protection film provides an extra layer of superior protection for your paint, ceramic coating works differently. It is a liquid polymer that is applied to the surface and bonds with the paint molecules to create a strong protective layer.

Tesla Protection Specialists

Providing Ceramic Coatings and PPF Wrapping on the Tesla Model range.

Model 3

Model X

Model Y

Model S

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