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Mechanic Services in Mitcham

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Mechanical Repair Services

Car Mechanic Melbourne

Airconditioning Service & Repair

In addition to air-con repairs, we also provide air-con replacements, so whether you need your compressor oil changed or your electrical wiring checked, we can do it all.

Melbourne Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

Replacement of air filters

Leak detection and repair

Refrigerant recovery and refilling

Checking the outlet temperature

Oil replacement for compressors

Rubber seals, belts, and hoses are inspected

Electrical wiring and fuses should be checked

In our auto shop, we’ll perform a complete diagnostics of your vehicle using the latest tools and technology. We’ll inform you of all repairs before we proceed. We’re committed to your satisfaction.

Car Logbook Servicing

It’s important to keep up with logbook services to keep your warranty valid, as well as to make sure your vehicle runs at its best. You can also increase your vehicle’s resale value by keeping up with regular maintenance.

You can trust our mechanics to follow manufacturer’s specifications and use OEM spare parts, oils, and lubricants when servicing your car or 4WD.

Melbourne log book service

The mechanics at our company are qualified to service log books.

Log book service is available at our service station.

OEM spare parts, oils, and lubricants are used.

The manufacturer’s specifications are followed.

After we inspect your vehicle thoroughly and make all the necessary repairs and replacements, we will stamp the logbook and you can get back on the road.


You can trust our automotive repair shop to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle to determine what the problem is. Once we determine which repairs are required for your vehicle, we will proceed.

Our brake services include:

Melbourne brake & clutch repair

Replacement of brake pads

Replacement of brake shoes

Replacement of brake rotors

Machining of discs and drums

Replacement of brake fluid

Replacement of clutch pedals

Replacement of clutch discs

Replacement of the master cylinder

Replacement of slave cylinders

Replacement of clutch fluid

Your brakes and clutch system will run smoothly again if you rely on us to replace all worn-out and old parts with new, branded components. In our shop, we have all the tools and auto parts to service brake and clutch systems for all models of cars and 4WDs.

Bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance will prevent any interruptions or accidents on the road.

General Maintenance & Repairs

When you have a reliable car, you can visit all the sights Melbourne has to offer, from the city center to the sprawling hills.

The general rule of thumb is to service and maintain your car every six months or 10,000 kilometers in order to ensure it is reliable. Whether it’s new car servicing to meet the manufacturer’s specifications or fixed-price servicing to cover the basics, at Liquid R you’ll get the easiest car service in Melbourne, that’s affordable too.

Rego & Car Inspection

During the RWC inspection, the vehicle’s key components are inspected to ensure they are fit for safe road use.

Tyres and wheels

The steering, suspension, and braking systems of a vehicle

Seatbelts and seats

Reflectors and lights

Wipers and washers for the windshield and windows

Structure of the vehicle

Various safety-related items on the body, chassis, or engine

Suspension & Shocks

In order to diagnose, repair, and replace steering and suspension components in cars and 4WDs, you should visit our auto repair and service center.

Suspension & Steering

Replacement of the power steering pump

Replacement of the power steering rack

Replacement of power steering fluid

Replacement of shock absorbers

Replacement of coil springs

Replacement of struts


The following exhaust components are checked:

Pipes for exhaust

The catalytic converter

Manifolds for exhaust

The gaskets

Sensors for air

Resonator & Muffler

The mountings

Faulty exhaust system symptoms include:

Engine noise is excessive

Performance is poor and acceleration is slow

Fuel efficiency decreases

Engine bay smells like burning

There is a dragging or hanging exhaust pipe

Count on us to provide a wide range of exhaust repairs, replacements, and maintenance for cars and 4WDs of all makes and models.

Tyres & Wheels

Melbourne Tyre Replacement at a Low Price

Driving on the road depends on many critical parts of your vehicle, one of which is the tyre.

Your car’s or 4WD’s tyres are the only parts in direct contact with the road, so they should be checked periodically and replaced if damaged.

Sales and fitting of tyres

Your vehicle’s tyres are fitted using modern tools.

The different types and sizes of premium tyres are available from us.

Our team selects the right tyres for your vehicle.

Melbourne Suburbs mechanics replace tyres.


There are several signs that your car transmission needs to be serviced:

Transmission: Manual

The clutch pedal feels loose, and the clutch pedal feels spongy

Gears don’t engage or engage very slowly

While shifting gears, the car makes grinding noises

Transmission: Automatic

The ‘Check Engine’ light is flashing

When changing gears, the car shakes

A car in neutral makes a grinding or whining noise

The mechanics at our Melbourne auto repair and service centre can provide you with brilliant tips for extending the life of both manual and automatic transmissions.

AK Exhaust

Revolutionizing the automotive industry, Akrapovic has introduced a new line of exhaust systems for vehicles. Going beyond traditional options, these innovative designs prioritize eco-friendly solutions without sacrificing performance or sound quality. When it comes to choosing an exhaust system, trust us as your go-to source for Akrapovic products in Australia. Our knowledgeable team offers personalized recommendations specific to your vehicle’s needs.

Performance KW Suspension

KW suspension components provide better cornering stability, reduced body roll, improved traction, and the ability to adjust ride height and damping for different driving styles.

Many KW suspension components, including coilovers, are adjustable. This allows you to customize your vehicle’s ride height, damping settings, and other performance characteristics to suit your preferences.

In addition to offering enhanced handling and ride quality, KW suspension components are suitable for a variety of driving scenarios, from daily commuting to track use.

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