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Complete Hyundai Paint Protection for N Line And Hyundai N Premium Vehicles.

Your car is one of your most prized and valued possessions, which is why you need to invest in its maintenance. Liquid R shares your passion for cars, and this is why we take every Hyundai N Vehicle’s care seriously. To ensure that you’re protected for years to come, we offer a range of customised new Hyundai paint protection packages for our Hyundai N Customers.

Why You Should Get Paint Protection Film On Your Hyundai N

You love your Hyundai N, and we want to help you care for it long after it leaves the showroom. We offer a wide range of products that help increase your car’s durability, curb appeal, and resale value. Our paint protection Hyundai customised packages help guard against abrasions on your exterior paint or windshield, road salt damage caused by highway driving, or scratches from careless drivers in Melbourne.

When you choose Liquid R for your Hyundai paint protection, you’re getting more than just a top-of-the-line product. We provide comprehensive paint protection Hyundai N solutions for Melbourne and refuse to cut corners–we’ll leave every millimetre untouched. But that’s not all; we install quality PPF Wrap which will keep your vehicle looking pristine. Unlike other installers out there, our PPF is tailored to match the contour of your vehicle and is preferred by prestige car enthusiasts everywhere. Liquid R – Keeping new cars looking like they did on the showroom floor.


Hyundai Protection Packages To Suit The Range

From the signature Hyundai paint protection packages to the clear film and ceramic coating application, all of our paint protection Hyundai packages offer many years of protection from harsh weather and environmental contaminants. Our specialist team is experienced in applying the best Gtechniq coatings for your car’s needs ensuring that you get a long lasting finish on your Hyundai model. We also provide professional detailing services such as interior shampooing, coating and polishing so that your car looks its best at all times. With interior and exterior layers of protection along with regular maintenance checks, you can be sure that you have the right Hyundai paint protection.

We regularly apply our paint protection Hyundai solutions to:

Performance Kona N Line
Hatchback i20 N
Hot Hatch i30 N Line
i30 Sedan N Line
Sonata N Line
Tucson N Line
Sedan i30 Fastback N Premium
Performance Sedan i30 Sedan N Premium

Clear paint protection film used in our paint protection Hyundai packages is a great way to protect your vehicle’s paint from environmental elements and can be applied to your vehicle before it gets damaged. This will help ensure you don’t have to worry about stone chips or scratches. Paint jobs are expensive and repairs also reduce your car’s resale value, but with film there won’t be damage to worry about. When you travel, you’ll have peace-of-mind with self-healing clear paint protection film. The film is applied to the surface of your car and uses a unique technology that allows it to heal itself. This means scratches will be less visible on your vehicle, allowing you to keep a pristine look for years. Plus, when you’re ready to sell or trade-in your car, the film can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind so that its resale value remains intact. It’s a great way to keep your car looking new while saving money in the long run.

Paint Protection Options for Hyundai Cars

Hyundai Paint Protection Options: Paint Protection Film or Paint Protection Coating

The protective PPF that is applied to your car’s paint is clear and tough. Here are just a few of the benefits: 

  • Protection – it protects the original paint from wear and tear, sunlight and other environmental factors, so it lasts much longer
  • Self healing – over time small chips can be filled in with PPF natural elastic properties
  • Durability – strength for everyday driving conditions
  • Replaceable – if there is any damage, the damaged bit will seamlessly be re-mastered by replacing the PPF.

Ceramic Coating is designed to give your car’s paint a mirror-like shine, which prevents water from creating smudges or absorbing into the paint. UV protection provides durability against harmful UV rays. The product, however, does not protect from chipping surfaces or anything that damages or scrapes the paint.

We never use low-quality films that can wear out and discolor over time, or orange peel films that reduce shine.

Custom Hyundai Car Wraps

Thinking About Getting your Hyundai Vinyl Wrapped In Melbourne?

Painting your car is an expensive project. Luckily, there are much more cost-effective ways to give it a makeover. Today’s car wraps cover up scratched paint and restore the vehicle back to its original condition.

You’ll be able to customise the look of your car with our car-wrapping service. There are many options to choose from, including bespoke modifications and versatility for every budget. It costs much less than starting a custom build from scratch which lets you get the same finished result without the extra complications. We always recommend consulting expert services for this option; any mistakes can lead to shrinking, tears or an uneven finish. For a truly unique Hyundai N contact the wrap specialist at Liquid R.

Hyundai N Car Detailing

The Ultimate Guide To Hyundai N Car Detailing

Cleaning and protecting your new or used Hyundai vehicle is important. If you want a thorough clean on your Hyundai N car with effective ongoing protection for the interior, the use of high-quality car care products is essential. Liquid R uses specially-designed car care cleaner and agents for vehicles like yours. Designed to meet stringent needs and careful attention-to-detail, our detailing services for Hyundai N cars helps keep your vehicle looking its best for weeks to come.

Exclusive N Car Protection Packages

Hyundai N Exclusive Car Paint Protection Packages

Before you take your new Hyundai N Line and Hyundai N Premium on the streets, it’s crucial to protect both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. This will ensure you maintain a stunningly visual ride for years to come and help bring down future maintenance costs.

Nobody cares more about your car than you do. That’s why we want to make sure yours is protected with the highest level of care and quality. At Liquid R, our commitment to safety and protection starts with providing our customers with the best service. Contact us today to learn more about Hyundai N Line custom paint protection packages!

Hyundai N Ceramic Coating

Keep your Hyundai N New with Ceramic Coating

Our Hyundai N ‘s new car protection packages deliver the ultimate protection for your vehicle. With a high-grade ceramic coating, our experienced applicators will ensure a shiny, glossy finish for your surface. Made from a liquid polymer that needs to be manually applied by professionals with steady hands, Liquid R delivers total coverage and maximum protection when your vehicle needs it most throughout all the seasons.

Note: This layer works just like a clear sealant or wax but will stay intact for a longer period, keeping your Hyundai N Line and Premium shiny for longer.

Custom Paint Protection Hyundai Solutions

How To Keep Your Hyundai N Looking Brand-New with a Paint Protection Hyundai Package

It’s important to take care of your new vehicle, especially while you’re in the process of taking ownership. That way you can maintain a visually-striking ride and reduce future maintenance costs. One of the big benefits to getting Liquid R to ceramic coat your Hyundai is that it’s easier to maintain. Our paint protection Hyundai coating package once applied means when you wash and dry your car, the pressure needed is minimal. Spills and liquid tend to roll off the coated surface, which means maintaining its shine and gloss is easy.  But the only way to protect your car from stone chips and scratches is to cover it with paint protection film, also offered in our Hyundai paint protection solution.

Additionally PPF hill help protect against the many sun-related hazards that your vehicle is exposed to on a daily basis:

UV rays
Brake and rotor dust
Small flecks of dirt, mud, rock and bitumen
Heat radiation
Acid rain
Tree sap, among others
The car is also exposed to bugs and bug droppings.

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