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We Only Use Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating used by Gtechniq licensed applicator Liquid R in Melbourne provides high-gloss, slick-to-touch surfaces that are chemically resistant and have an extremely durable finish. An approved detailer, such as Liquid R, is guaranteed to provide good performance for approximately seven to nine years after application.

What To Expect When We Coat Your Car in Gtechniq

At Liquid R we protect your daily driver, weekend pride and joy, sports cars, supercars, luxury and premium vehicles. Below is an example of our New Car Protection Package.

Exterior Chemical/Mechanical Decontamination
Pre-wash foam
Wheels, tyres and arches wash
Pressure wash
Two bucket method contact wash
Iron removing
Tar removing
Clay decontamination treatment
Rinse, towel/blow dry

Machine Polish-Gloss Enhancement
Refining paint work after decontamination
Improving paint surface defects (does not thin out paint)
Creating a deeper shine

Ceramic Coating
Air blower removing polishing dust
Surface panel wipe removing leftover polish/compound
Visual inspection under detailing lights
** Exterior ceramic coating (Default coating – Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra)
*Customer may choose to do a different paint correction level

Benefits of Getting Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Coating From Liquid R

The coating will bond onto the paintwork and create a sacrificial layer against external contaminants.

Glass-like finish with a longer lasting high gloss
Easier to maintain and wash road grime
Water-repelling which beads for longer
Resistant to insect and animal droppings, ideal for custom paint
Ceramic clear coat with resistance to scratching
Maintain the new car look to add value when it comes to re-sell
Save time with no need to regularly polish your car
Save money on cleaning and polishing

If you are looking for someone who is an authorised Gtechniq detailer in Melbourne, Liquid R has you covered. We offer you the best car paint protection at an affordable price. Check out our packages or just call us today.

How Much Will It Cost?

Where to Get Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Coating Applied and How Much Will It Cost?

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra coating is not for the novice – it requires professional expertise and must be applied by a trained, Gtechniq-accredited detailer like Liquid R  who are the experts in the craft of detailing. If you want to take your car’s surface and level of protection to the next level, you can reach out to the team at Liquid R and we will give you an estimate or guide you in your paint protection needs.

Why Use Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra?

Why Should You Use Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra?

  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum has gained a lot of popularity for its proven results. It is considered as one of the best crystal serum coatings in the market by automotive professionals and enthusiasts.
  • As well as protecting treated surfaces, it keeps your vehicle’s condition shiny and new, extending the longevity of your perfect finish.
  • In addition to improving the clarity of the vehicle’s natural paint color, it preserves both its aesthetics and resale value by prolonging the life of the treated surfaces.

If you are searching for Paint Protection in Melbourne, visit our workshop and meet our professional team. If you are looking forward to getting only the best, then Gtechniq Crystal Serum coating is the solution and is one you should seriously consider. Once you treat your vehicle with this coating, you will never have to get your vehicle painted or polished again.

The Gtechniq Way To Wash Your Car

Gtechniq’s Car Washing Method

Start with your wheels, loosening dirt and brake dust with a trusted wheel cleaner. Follow with a foam wheel wash and rinse. Now move onto the vehicle body, using a thick foam to loosen all the contaminants and dirt away from the surface. Rise with high pressure to remove all the loose dirt. Use a microfibre mitt, starting at the top of the car and working your way down. Rinse the mitt out in the clean water bucket each time before returning it to the car. Finally dry all the exterior surfaces with a drying towel. Please do not leave your car to drive naturally, it will leave water spots.

For more information about Gtechniq or best practices in paint protection, reach out to the team at Liquid R online or visit our Melbourne workshop.

What is Crystal Serum Ultra Gtechniq Ceramic Coating?

What is Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra?

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra enhances the gloss and clarity of the vehicle’s natural paint colour, as well as providing unmatched paint protection. The detailers at Liquid R Melbourne use thicker, glossier, and more durable Gtechniq coatings, which offer superior abrasion and chemical protection. You will get a perfect finish that’s better than the factory, backed by a 9-year guarantee.

Without Gtechniq ceramic coat paint protection, your paintwork could become dull and faded over time, when exposed to UV light from the harsh Melbourne weather, atmospheric pollutants, and car wash chemicals. With that comes the degradation of the paintwork which then leads to holding onto more dirt, making cleaning and washing more difficult.

Gtechniq products deliver maximum long term visual impact. These products protect not only against the elements, but the ravages of time, the impact of the daily grind.

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