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Mercedes-Benz paint protection and car detailing

When it comes to luxury cars, investing in quality maintenance solutions is always worth it in the long-run. Designed to meet the needs of drivers across Melbourne, we bring exceptional attention-to-detail to our Mercedez paint protection solutions, no matter the make or model we’re working with.
Recently, Mercedes-Benz announced that they will custom paint new models in any colour specified by the customer, including hues originating from competitors. The German automobile giants have called this customisation program “Kundenwunsch Sonderfahrzeug”, which translates to “Customer Wish Special Vehicles”.
So what does this mean for you?
We’re ready to provide customised solutions for the diverse selection of Mercedes-Benz vehicles soon to hit the roads across Melbourne. No matter your look, we have a tailored option to suit.

Mercedes paint protection by Liquid R

Whether you are investing in customised solutions or the standard range of colours on the market, it’s important to take steps towards ensuring the end-result lasts.
There are many environmental factors that can degrade the gloss and finish on your vehicle in Australia, with the UV rays one of the leading causes.
You also have to contend with the fallout from industrial operations in the form of pollution, heavy metals in the air from fumes, rocks and bitumen fragments kicked up off the road. Then there’s acid rain, tree sap from falling debris and many more factors that can eat away at the quality of your paint job.
At Liquid R, are the industry leaders when it comes to preserving and restoring luxury vehicles in Melbourne. We offer a range of services including:
Mercedes-Benz new car protection packages:
Once you have the keys to your new set of wheels, is vital to get the right protective layers applied as soon as possible. Environmental causes can begin to degrade the surface almost immediately. Our experienced team will meticulously apply protective agents to your interior and exterior, to help keep your Mercedes-Benz showroom fresh for longer.
Ceramic coating: Our solution is the highest standard of ceramic coating for Mercedes cars, designed to ensure your vehicle keeps its glossy, new-look finish. This option is also far more effective than alternative wax products.
Mercedes car wraps: If your paint job has become damaged or you are looking for a completely new, custom look for your vehicle, this is a much more affordable option than starting over from scratch. It gives your car a like-new appearance, when applied correctly by our experts.

We’ll put the finishing touches on your vehicle

Mercedes car detailing is different to the techniques used for cleaning cars from other manufacturers. There’s a much bigger variation in interior materials involved, as well as meticulous, luxury surfaces and electronics that require ultra-detailed techniques. This also means using bespoke products to ensure the best possible preservation strategy.
You don’t want to risk heavy, industrial cleaners or leaving your vehicle in the hands of an operation that aims to clean as many cars as possible. The team at Liquid R will take the time to carefully detail your ride by hand and ensure your interior is always looking mint.
Speak to our team and find out why we are the best Mercedes car detailing experts in Melbourne.

Mercedes Paint Protection Services

Experience Our Mercedes Paint Protection Service

For the ultimate solution in Mercedes paint protection, you can’t go past a ceramic coating, which doesn’t just cover your surface, but bonds with it to offer superior shielding against pollutants. It also offers exceptional coverage from the elements, all of which are known to cause significant damage over time.

As one of the newest forms of technology on the market, we can use this option to fill in gaps on your vehicle’s surface, providing outstanding protection for the future.

Customise your Merc with Car wraps

Mercedes-Benz Car Wraps for Melbourne drivers

The sky’s the limit with  our Mercedes car wraps, which involves vinyl wraps being shrunken and tightened onto the body of your car. This then gives it a completely new appearance, allowing for complete customisation.

This is often a more affordable option than a full repaint and allows for greater levels of personalisation when you’re looking for bespoke creations. Properly installing a car wrap is a delicate art, though, and our team is heavily trained in this area. As a result, we can offer an unmatched level of care and attention that ensures a flawless finish.

If you are after a matte finish, consider using our matte ppf wrap as a longer term alternative.

Mercedes- Benz Paint Protection Packages

Explore our Mercedes Paint Protection Packages Now

No one wants to see any damage to their brand new set of wheels, no matter how small or superficial it may be. But simple road hazards like small stones, tree sap falling while you are parked, industrial and road pollution or even bird droppings do – and will – occur.

Prevention is the best cure and the team at Liquid R can provide a complete and thorough package that ensures the interior and exterior of your vehicle looks flawless for years to come.

Speak to our team about our methods so you can be assured your car is in the best possible han

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