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Protection packages for HSV & Holden Commodore SS Cars

Protection packages for HSV & Holden Commodore SS Cars

Keeping your beloved vehicle in pristine condition is more important than ever. Because ever since a Holden Commodore SSV Redline rolled down the production line back in 2017 with the sign “Last Car”, there has been no more of the iconic Australian vehicles manufactured – nor will there ever be again.

Owners of these beauties now own a piece of Australian history, so it is imperative that they maintain them well. Maintain the original paint job of your HSV, Holden Commodore, including the iconic SS and SSV Redline models, with Liquid R ceramic coating paint protection products.

Liquid R has a range of ceramic coating paint protection products to preserve the original job of your Holden Commodore – including the iconic SS and SSV Redline models. Keep them looking showroom-ready for as long as possible.

Paint protection ceramic coating: Layer your Commodore with a thin, invisible ceramic coating that provides a protective layer on top of your SSV Redline or Commodore car detailing. This helps protect your vehicle from damage that can be caused by dirt, dust and other road debris as well as sap from trees and much more. It will also protect against fading which is essential in the more arid and tropical parts of the country.

PPF: A thin paint protection wrap is applied to your vehicle which will help protect your Commodore against all forms of damage, including large stones that would otherwise leave unsightly chips. It was initially created for use by the military in the Vietnam War so you know it is going to be tough and it is totally transparent so your paint job will shine through.

Car detailing: It is just as important to take care of the inside of your Holden Commodore as it is the outside. If your interior is not properly cleaned regularly, your interior can become permanently damaged, faded or stained. Our expert team can clean every corner of your vehicle with our thorough detailing services that will have your vehicle looking like new again.

3M Window tint: What makes this form of tinting better than all others? The fact that it blocks heat out better than any other product. Choose Liquid R for your 3Mβ„’ application whether you are concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security. This means you will be more comfortable and less reliant on the air-conditioning which is going to save you money on fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Vinyl car wraps: Not only can you protect your OEM paint job, but you can transform the look of your vehicle at the same time. These SSV Redline and Holden Commodore SS car wraps mean you can change to any colour, patterns or designs you like, all the while protecting original paint as well. They can be safely removed at a later date for a fresh, like-new finish.

Explore our range of new car protection packages for your beloved HSV and Holden now. From car PPF wraps to ceramic coatings and detailing products – we have all protection bases covered.

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