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Complete BMW Paint Protection For Your Vehicle

Don’t trust your cherished asset with any less than the best. We know how much of an enthusiast you are about your vehicle and we share that passion for every car that comes into our workshop. Liquid R provides specialised, tailored BMW new car protection packages to ensure your ride is protected now and well into the future. Our BMW paint protection packages use the latest technology in nanotechnology and advanced polishing techniques to give you the best results possible. All of our services are provided by a team of experienced professionals who understand what it takes to keep your vehicle looking brand new. With our professional detailing we can protect your car’s finish from scratches, swirls, UV damage and staining caused by road grime or bird droppings. Our range of BMW paint protection products includes long term ceramic coatings that will provide up to nine years of superior protection against all elements, as well as regular maintenance washes and waxes that will help maintain the showroom quality shine on your beloved ride for longer.


BMW New Car Protection Packages

Before you take your brand-new set of wheels on the road, it is vital to ensure you take the right steps to protect both the interior and exterior protection. This enables you to maintain a strikingly visual ride for years to come, all the while bringing unnecessary maintenance costs down for the future. Book your vehicle in with the specialists at Liquid R now; we will have you back on the road in no time, with the full peace of mind that your new drive is thoroughly protected.


Keep Your BMW Exterior In Pristine Condition

There are many environmental pollutants that can take the gloss off the finish of your BMW vehicle. These range from:
UV rays
Brake and rail dust
Small flecks of dirt, rock and bitumen
Heat radiation
Acid rain
Tree sap, among others.

Even fallout from jet fuel lingers in the air, causing potential damage. As experts in the trade, Liquid R won’t leave a single millimetre unguarded, with our comprehensive BMW paint protection packages across Melbourne.


An Immaculate Ceramic Coating For BMW Cars

While there’s plenty of options for sealants and waxes on the market targeted at safeguarding the paint on your car, only our BMW new car protection packages offer the ultimate solution.
Featuring a high gloss ceramic coating, our experts will keep your surface in shape longer, ensuring a shiny, glossy finish at all times. Made from a liquid polymer that needs to be applied by hand and the steady, experienced hands of the team at Liquid R, we deliver total coverage and maximum protection when your vehicle needs it most.
Note: This layer works just like a sealant or wax but will stay intact for far longer.


BMW car detailing for the ultimate finishing touch

BMW Car Detailing

When it comes to a thorough clean of your car, as well as providing effective ongoing protection for your interiors, it’s important to invest in the best possible measures and products. Liquid R uses high-quality car care cleaners and agents that are specifically developed for vehicles just like yours. Designed to meet stringent needs and careful attention-to-detail, our ceramic car coating for BMW cars ensures vehicles look as-good-as-new, looking the part for weeks to come.

How To Keep Your BMW Looking Brand-New

Making BMW Car Maintenance Easy

It’s important to take care of your BMW vehicle, especially while you’re in the process of taking ownership. That way you can maintain a visually-striking ride and reduce future maintenance costs. One of the big benefits to ceramic coating your car is that it’s easier to maintain. When you wash and dry your BMW car, the pressure needed is minimal. This also goes for spills like liquids. They’ll tend to roll off the coated surface, which means maintaining its shine and gloss is easy.  But the only way to protect your car from stone chips and scratches is to cover it with paint protection film.

There are many sun-related hazards that your vehicle is exposed to on a daily basis:

  • UV rays
  • Brake and rotor dust
  • Small flecks of dirt, mud, rock and bitumen 
  • Heat radiation 
  • Acid rain  
  • Tree sap, among others 
  • The car is also exposed to bugs and bug droppings.

BMW car wraps for Melbourne drivers

BMW Car Wraps

The best and most cost-effective way to give your asset a fresh coat of paint or a custom look is not through the use of paint at all, but rather wraps that make them look brand-new again.
Our designs open up plenty of options for bespoke appearances, with custom creations and versatility offered across the range. Best of all, it costs much less to put a car wrap on a BMW than to start from scratch, allowing you to get the same end-result with bigger benefits. However, we always recommend consulting experts for this solution, as any error can lead to shrinkage, tears and an uneven finish.

The Ultimate Guide To BMW Car Detailing

Beyond Our Ceramic Paint Coating For BMW Cars

Cleaning and protecting your new or used vehicle is important. If you want thorough cleanings on your BMW car with effective ongoing protection for the interior, the use of high-quality car care products is essential. Liquid R uses specially-designed car care cleaner and agents for vehicles like yours. Designed to meet stringent needs and careful attention-to-detail, our ceramic coating for BMW cars helps keep your vehicle looking its best for weeks to come. Our BMW car detailing services include interior and exterior cleaning, waxing, polishing, leather conditioning and more. The ceramic coating helps protect the paint from all kinds of dirt and road grime while also providing a deep gloss finish that lasts for months. Plus, it resists water spots or fading from UV rays thanks to its ultra-durable formula. We use advanced techniques and products to ensure your vehicle is properly cared for every step of the way.

Why You Should Get Paint Protection Film On Your BMW?

Why Protect My BMW With Paint Protection?

You love your BMW, and we want to help you care for it long after it leaves the showroom. We offer a wide range of products that help increase your car’s durability, curb appeal, and re-sale value. Our paint protection packages help guard against abrasions on your exterior paint or windshield, road salt damage caused by highway driving, or scratches from careless drivers in Melbourne.

When you choose Liquid R for your car paint protection, you’re getting more than just a top-of-the-line product. We provide comprehensive BMW paint protection packages across Melbourne and refuse to cut corners–we’ll leave every millimetre untouched. But that’s not all; we install quality PPF which will keep your vehicle looking pristine. Unlike other installers out there, our PPF is tailored to match the contour of your vehicle and is preferred by prestige car enthusiasts everywhere. Liquid R – Keeping new BMW cars looking like they did on the showroom floor.

BMW Deserves A New Car Protection Coating

Ceramic Coatings Are A Necessity For New BMW Cars

Our BMW new car protection packages deliver the ultimate protection for your vehicle. With a high-grade ceramic coating, our experienced applicators will ensure a shiny, glossy finish for your surface. Made from a liquid polymer that needs to be manually applied by professionals with steady hands, Liquid R delivers total coverage and maximum protection when your vehicle needs it most throughout all the seasons.

Our protection packages offer a range of features, with each one tailored to your vehicle’s individual needs. From interior protection and exterior detailing to complete paint job restoration, our products provide maximum coverage against the elements for years to come. With a variety of protective coatings available, your BMW will look brand new no matter what condition it may be in. If you’re looking for an extra layer of defense against the sun or are simply wanting to restore its original luster and shine, we have you covered!

For the interior, our leather protection package is designed to protect and enhance the look of your vehicle’s interior. Our professional service includes a deep cleaning with an antibacterial solution to help reduce odors, as well as a protective sealant that will guard against dirt and stains from everyday use. The formula used in this protection package also helps to resist fading over time due to UV rays coming through any windows, preserving the original color of your upholstery.

Note: This layer works just like a clear sealant or wax but will stay intact for a longer period, keeping your BMW shiny for longer.

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